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Fady Saliba is still adventuring with success in many art forms: painting, interior design and architectural design. 

His relationship and attachment to Lebanon is a love story for a Hollywood script, and remains so even after becoming the new « phenomenon » of Europe, particularly among the French. He achieved many international projects, each time from a fresh and new perspective. His philosophy is staging each space. The actors are the elements of natural light, that change over the course of a day, so that each hour can provide a different ambience.

Kafka Goes Pink was conceived in 2007 from the enthusiasm of his customers, who appreciated the unique and customized pieces.  Believing in his talented artisans whose skills have become a thing of the past, Kafka Goes Pink revives age-old craftsmanship in its creations. Returning to the roots for modernism, pushing the hands of craftsmen, boosting each creation with authenticity - these are Fady Saliba’s ambitions.  Kafka Goes Pink’s main customers include luxury hotels, residences, spas and upscale restaurants. Today, this growing company targets individuals, creating objects with flawless finishing combined with the practicality of every day use.

Lebanese heritage inspires Fady Saliba, but it stops there. Fady is free. He enjoys surprising you with a modern elegance, disregarding usual conventions.  His creations are consistent with the values of Kafka Goes Pink: handmade with care and excellence with uninhibited designs. A joyful and luxurious lifestyle reflected in noble materials. Contemporary and timeless design celebrates each living moment.

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